Important Info

Our permissions system is synced with discord so to gain access to any perks you may donate for you need to join the discord.

If you experience any issues please let us know by opening a ticket in our discord, and we will help you as fast as possible.

Any of our servers can easily be connected to by opening FiveM, pressing F8 and typing the following for each server:

  • AU Track Server 1: "connect"
  • AU Los Santos 1: "connect"
  • EU Track Server 1 : "connect"
  • EU Track Server 2 : "connect"
  • EU Track Server 3 : "connect"
  • EU Los Santos 1 : "connect"
  • EU Los Santos 2 : "connect"
  • US Track Server 1: "connect"
  • US Track Server 2: "connect"
  • US Los Santos 1: "connect"
  • US Los Santos 2: "connect"

They can also be found by searching for Mad Drift in the server list on FiveM

Our servers run off your donations so we greatly appreciate everyone, and hope the perks* are fitting. 

*All perks are subject to change.
*Perks does not grant you immunity from server rules or being punished.

If you are banned from our servers for any specific reason you can make an appeal on our forum. If you require help in appealing infractions (warns/kicks/bans) open a ticket in our discord.