Welcome to Mad Drift, the most advanced drifting simulator on FiveM. 

We offer a drifting experience like no other! With a few clicks and a little bit of typing we can provide you access to a FiveM drifting server like no other!   

With Over 190 Cars, an active community and FiveM Support we are able to bring you the best drifting experience found within the game, Running Fun Events with Claimable rewards such as Discord Nitro and MadVIP we can guarantee you will enjoy your time here on our servers. 

You may be thinking 190 custom cars is a lot. But wait there's more! We provide full customisation for every single car. When using a car You will be able to customize its looks through our custom vehicle menu. Customize the Stance and even customize how the car handles all through custom in-game menus. 

With the server running on custom scripts we can ensure that your gameplay will be smooth upon loading into the server. Running on a GTX 1070 or better? We can assure you will be hitting the 120+ fps mark. 

Our track servers provide 30+ Custom tracks for you to drive alongside your friends, ensuring you will always have a free space to drift alone or with large groups of people! 

Server IP: 

Australia Track Server #1 - track1.au.maddrifts.com

Australia Los Santos Server #1 - ls1.au.maddrifts.com

Europe Track Server  #1 - track1.eu.maddrifts.com 

Europe Track Server #2  - track2.eu.maddrifts.com

Europe Track Server #3  - track3.eu.maddrifts.com

Europe Los Santos Server #1 - ls1.eu.maddrifts.com 

Europe Los Santos Server #2 - ls2.eu.maddrifts.com

United States Track Server #1 - track1.us.maddrifts.com

United States Track Server #2 - track2.us.maddrifts.com

United States Los Santos Server #1 - ls1.us.maddrifts.com

United States Los Santos Server #2 - ls2.us.maddrifts.com

Contact us: Discord: https://discord.gg/maddrift

Website: https://forum.maddrifts.com

For More Information Contact: Marius#0003 or Wjaas#0001